Grant management, capacity building,
and technical assistance

We have over 10 years of experience working in grant management. We specialize in the strategic planning, capacity building, researching, writing and management of grants, and the technical assistance necessary to assist in your goals for the watersheds in your area.

Climate Change Adaption Planning
and Mitigation

We are the leaders in Alaska in assisting Native Village and other communities in working towards Climate Change Adaption/Resiliency. We have drafted and conduct trainings and webinar in Draft Climate Change Adaption Plans for Native Alaskan and other local communities; developing tools to provide climate and water resource data for decision-making and methodologies to involve decision makers in the development of such tools; providing services on Assessing Vulnerability of Water Conveyance Facilities and identifying potential sources of funding for emergency preparedness focusing on protection of human life, buildings and infrastructure and other efforts to respond to increased risks of flooding and coastal erosion from climate change.

Watershed assessments

Our team has the expertise to measure water discharge, monitor water quality, perform wetland delineations, survey historic flood plains, conduct geomorphological, aquatic habitat and subsistence impact analysis, and assist with watershed protection.

Watershed councils

We have experience creating a cohesive group with diverse stakeholders in developing watershed councils for long term management and protection of water resources. We will assist in the establishing, development, scheduling, coordination, policy development, administrative duties and management of watershed councils.



Grant management, capacity building, and technical assistance

Funding for Water Management and Protection

  • Write grant applications
  • Managing Project Budgets
  • Federal and State Agency/Foundational Grants
  • Coordinate Project Partners
  • Conduct Reporting Requirements

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Watershed assessments

Research, data collection and monitoring related to:

Certified instream flow water right under state & federal law.

Conducting Watershed Assessments that:

  • Provide information on watershed characteristics, waterbody conditions, sources, and pollutant loads (for specific waterbodies and pollutants
  • Identify protected uses of the waterbody and associated water quality standards

Promote Hydrologically Based Instream Flows that:

  • Maintain integrity of flowing water systems and natural dynamic character;
  • Water Temperature, channel geomorphology & habitat diversity
  • More accurate measurement of ecological consequences of flow regime modification

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Watershed councils

Norton Bay Inter Tribal Watershed Council

Conducts research, education, and advocacy related to the protection of the watershed and restoring Tribal interest in water quantity, water quality, subsistence uses and water rights for the health of the watershed ecosystem, preservation of cultural identity and the benefit of Tribal members.

Our watershed council has current active members from Elim, Koyuk, Unalakleet and Shaktoolik Native Village Communities. We are working to draft a watershed assessment, promoting environmental justice policies and practices related to management of water and subsistence resources.

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Climate Change Adaption Planning and Mitigation

Provide Consultation Related to Water Resource Policy and Management

We work to support indigenous and conservation communities from around the United States in defense of their human and water rights, through a combination of monitoring and commenting on governmental agency and corporate actions and through litigation, advocacy campaigns and trainings for grassroots and community leaders.

Consult with Native Alaskan tribal entities on Sovereignty and Water Resource Management including:

  • Preserving subsistence uses and tribal jurisdiction
  • Promoting tribal sovereignty
  • Asserting & enforcing Water Rights
  • Obtaining treatment as a state, fee to trust land status and other jurisdictional strategies
  • Reserving instream flows
  • Use of Traditional Environmental Knowledge
  • Draft ordinances, resolutions, watershed management plans
  • Conduct Workshops/seminars on sovereignty, water rights, jurisdiction and human rights
  • Monitoring and Commenting governmental agency actions in relation to mining, oil and gas and water resources development to insure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations;
  • Assisting with appeals of agency actions and, providing litigation support to ensure compliance with state, federal and international law.

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