About Water Policy Consulting, LLC

"Water Policy Consulting, LLC focuses on water and human rights issues in Alaska. We strive to promote the long-term sustainability of water resources in the Western United States and Alaska for the benefit of fish and wildlife populations, habitat, aesthetics, recreation, and traditional and cultural activities, using the principles of democracy, environmental justice, and sound ecology as our guide.”

Our Vision


Consult with the public, conservation organizations, governmental agencies and Alaska Native communities in protection of water resources and climated change adaption and mitigation.


Promote tribal soveriegnty and the implementation of the federal trust responsibility to protect human health and welfare and subsistence resources.


Ensure the long-term sustainability of fish and wildlife populations by reducing take and habitat fragmentation and loss.

Tribal Treaty Rights

Support traditional gathering, fishing and hunting practices and aboriginal tribal treaty rights

Environmental Justice

Promote and pursue democracy and environmental justice principles in the management of natural resources

Reduce Climate Change

Working to not only reduce the impacts of global climate change on our water resources, but to reduce climate change itself through the use of water as a tool against carbon producing industrial practices


Work with conservation and tribal organizations and federal and state water management agencies and private corporations to promote conservation, rather than uncontrolled development and resource abuse as the most practicable and economic tool we can apply towards the impacts of global warming and water shortages.

Citizens Rights

Promote actions and decisions on water management issues that prevent harm to the long-term viability of fish and wildlife populations, citizen rights to clean water, and the rights of native peoples to maintain tradition and culture.